ClipTec - Standard

Krieger ClipTec-Change system with roof wedges


dry and wet sorting, dewatering


state-of-the-art- screen polyurethane system; screen modules are inserted between adaption ledges with a flexible groove and the fixing is secured by inserting the wedge ledge; assembly is easy and can be carried out manually without any tools; the system is very suitable fpr multi-platform sorters

Assembly instructions:

for teh assembly of ClipTec®, the sorter must be equped with steel tubular girders; the outer elements are usually fixed to the side plates of the sorter by side ledge; these ledges also protect the sorter side plates; screen modules are usually installed in the sorter frame in offset lines; the securing wedge ledge can also be equiped with a small roof, which covers the screen area and returns the material being sorted to the screen area

Mesh sizes:

0,5 - 130 mm (square and oblong meshes)

Screen thickness:

30 - 70 mm; Material: Polyurethan 55 - 90° Shore A


300 x 1000 mm (Standard dimensions)
max. to 350 x 1500 mm



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